Youth Retreat 2022

Stranger times

Boys & Girls | Ages 12-17

We are excited to host our third
annual summer youth retreat

a 4-DAY retreat jam packed with AMAZING activities AND INTERACTIVE workshops.

Join a group of 80 teens as we explore key aspects of a young person's identity and spiritual and mental well-being, to help you navigate living in strange times. 

lots of fun and new experiences!
Here's just a few...






our dynamic and experienced team will help you feel empowered and more confident


Self Portraits

Who am I? A creative workshop where we will explore how we perceive ourselves. What makes you, YOU? From your appearance to your personality, to your hobbies and skills. There's more to you than meets the eye!


A series of mini-workshops that will encourage introspection. What are your strengths and weaknesses? What are your fears? What areas do you need to develop? As well as guiding you through different ways you can communicate and express your inner voice and feelings.

Worldly Challenges

As young teens, the worldly challenges you’re facing can be extremely overwhelming and you can often feel lost. This workshop will help you to better understand and deal with important challenges such as money and desires, social media pressures, self-obsession, social interaction and more.


In a “Godless” society how do you live a life that is God-centred? In all the meaninglessness how do you find meaning? Open your heart and mind to the vastness of God’s mercy and majesty. And learn how His divine actions affect every aspect of our worldly and eternal lives and give us true purpose and meaning.

Future Visioning

What’s my Vision? Who do I want to be? What would my life look like if there were no societal pressures on what it should be like? Through self-discovery and knowing yourself better, you will be in a stronger position to better understand where and who you want to be in the future.

share a journey of self-discovery



Enjoy the green grass and open space on our group walks. a chance to spend time in nature and appreciate God's creation.


Experience the 5 daily prayers together in congregation. as well as collective remembrance and spiritual song.


Take moments of silence to sit and self reflect. pen down your inner thoughts and express your
deepest gratitude.

Fri 26 - mon 29 aug '22

Kingswood, Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire, DN123 4EA
Full Board | Accommodation | Transport (Birmingham)

join us for an unforgettable experience

Individual - £199
siblings - £189

our early bird discount has now ended
Registration closes on 31st July


join us for an unforgettable experience

40 places
only £175!

Registration closes on 31st July

Have a question about our retreat?
Have a read through the frequently asked questions below.


Our retreats are jam-packed with a range of activities and interactive workshops. The aim is to provide young people with a safe space to learn, grow and have fun! All attendees will receive a retreat information booklet containing a full itinerary, closer to the start date. 

Friday 26th August 2022 to Monday 29th August 2022

Kingswood, Dearne Valley, South Yorkshire, DN123 4EA

Our summer youth retreat is catered for both boys and girls, aged 12-17

Unfortunately, we cannot accept any youth onto the retreat who are not between the ages of 12-17. This is because the content of our workshops and discussions are age sensitive and would not be appropriate or relevant outside the range.  

A dynamic and skilled team of volunteers with a vast amount of experience in youth provision. All our staff are DBS approved. Also, all the activities will be organised and supervised by staff at Kingswood.

The cost of the retreat is £175 for the first 40 places only. Thereafter it is £199 (per individual) and £189 (per sibling).

Full board, accommodation, transport (from Birmingham), activities, workshops and other resources.

You will be staying in dormitory-style accommodation, shared with other youth.  Male and female areas are separate.

We have arranged transport for Birmingham only. 

– Departure time: Friday 26th Aug 2.45pm

– Return time: Monday 29th Aug 6pm

The drop off/pick up point address will be provided closer to the start date. 

Please select the transport option when completing the registration form.

Of course! The retreat is open to attendees from all cities. However please note our transport is from Birmingham only. So you will need to make your own travel arrangements if you wish to attend.

Please complete the online registration and payment form to secure your place on the retreat.

Yes, all meals are included.

Each day will begin with Fajr prayer and end with Isha prayer. There will be a busy schedule including a mix of activities, workshops, prayer/remembrance, walks and more. A full itinerary will be provided closer to the retreat start date.

If this is the case you must email us at with the specific dates/times you’re available to attend prior to completing online registration. Acceptance of your attendance will be at the discretion of the retreat manager. Please note, that the full retreat payment will still be required and we cannot accept partial payment.

Bring a sleeping bag/duvet, pillow and all the usual things you would bring when going away. If you have a medical condition that requires regular medication, please bring your medication and let us know. A full packing list will be provided a few weeks after you have completed the registration.

We will endeavour to do so as best we can. Please notify us of all your requirements when completing your registration form.  It would be a good idea to bring any additional, special foodstuffs you normally use with you too.

At New Roots, the safety and needs of the youth are the most important. Unfortunately at this moment in time, we do not have any trained members of staff for SEND children. We hope in the future we can provide the necessary support.

You don’t need to be a Muslim to attend our retreat, but you need to know that the retreat will include Islamic teachings and practices – if you think you might feel uncomfortable with that perhaps a different retreat might be more up your street.

There will be a code of conduct that outlines the boundaries of the retreat and our behaviour expectations. Our Code of Conduct must be adhered to at all times. Failure to do so will initially result in a verbal warning, repeated failure may lead to the termination of your attendance at the retreat, this will be at the discretion of the Retreat Manager. Furthermore, if at any time, an individual’s behaviour poses a threat to the safety of him/herself or others, their attendance at the retreat may be immediately terminated without a verbal warning and will require a parent/guardian to pick them up from the retreat venue at their own expense.

Your child must be symptom-free of any flu-like symptoms for 48 hours before coming to the retreat. This helps protect other attendees and staff from becoming sick. Attendees must not have any COVID or COVID-like symptoms and cannot have a current case of COVID-19.

We have a non-refund policy under all circumstances and cannot issue any refunds if you’re unable to attend. Due to payment being required upfront from the residential centre, we are unable to offer any refunds once you have registered your child and paid. In the unfortunate event of cancellation/non-attendance, any payment made will be forfeited. Please ensure you are comfortable with this prior to registering your place.

As all meals, snacks and drinks will be provided there should be minimal need for spending money. However, if you wish to bring spending money with you it will be at your own risk. In the unfortunate case of losing money, it will not be covered by us.

New Roots and Kingswood WILL NOT permit Penknives (or similar), Drugs, Alcohol, or Smoking/Vaping on site. Please do not bring these items with you, there is a very strict policy relating to Substances and Drugs, which could result in referrals to the police and/or expulsion from the retreat.

We strongly advise that you don’t bring items that you consider valuable (either financially or sentimentally) – if you do, you should check to ensure that your family’s household insurance covers them away from home, as we will not be able to take responsibility for them. The packing list that we will provide will have further details on what not to bring.

We have a strong no phone policy at all of our retreats. This provides youth with a chance to disconnect from tech/gadgets and to fully benefit from the retreat. If any youth is found to have a phone, it will be confiscated and kept safe, and returned at the end of the retreat.

If you would like to speak to your child or just want to know how they’re getting on. You can contact our admin on 07421783496

Unfortunately not. There are strict guidelines for who is allowed to be onsite at any given time in line with safeguarding procedures as well as health and safety measures. In the unlikely event that you feel there is a necessary reason that you need to visit the centre, please contact the New Roots administrator number 07421783496 well in advance and await further guidance.

Yes! As with most of our events, our media team will be snapping and recording snippets along the way in order to preserve the memories and keep you all updated on our social media pages. Should you have any issue with respect to consent for this, please highlight this on your registration form.

Please email us at or contact us on 07421783496 with your query.