Open Circle

A safe space for young muslims

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Empowering our youth

Open Circle is a New Roots initiative, designed to cater for an oft-neglected and overlooked group in our communities. Our aim is to provide a safe space where young Muslims aged 11-16 can learn, develop and be empowered. Through regular engagement in an Islamically anchored and socially comfortable environment, they are allowed the freedom to express and explore aspects of teenage life, their faith and much more. Through discussion and reflection, they are encouraged to develop as positive individuals, who have the insight and ability to deal with social issues and the challenges life will throw at them. As well as equipping themselves for adulthood and becoming firmly grounded in their faith and beliefs.

A three-part holistic approach

Our holistic approach endeavours to accommodate and fulfil three crucial aspects of any well-rounded young adult: their spiritual well-being, their social and mental well-being, and their physical well-being

Faith & Practice

At Open Circle we believe the foundation of every young person’s life is their faith and practice. If this is firm and unshakeable, and if they are armed with the knowledge and tools to answer moral and existential questions, then they are ready to stand up high in any situation. Our dynamic teachers strive to inculcate faith, obedience, and love for Allah and His Messenger (peace be upon him, through interactive and engaging lessons that consist of class discussions, debates, and case-based questions. Not only do they receive invaluable knowledge from their teachers but are also encouraged to think, reflect and ask questions.


We discuss the things that really matter. Conversations allows us to talk about pertinent issues such as drugs, bullying and gender interaction. The informal and relaxed environment welcomes young people to open up about their worries and concerns. We offer to listen in a non-judgemental manner, giving them the opportnity to discuss the issues that are troubling them. By forming a trusting relationship and rapport with the group, we are able to explore the mindset of these young individuals. Our volunteers endeavour to offer non-judgemental advice, support and guidance.


Where fun physical and sporting activities let young people de-stress from the demands and troubles of adolescence. Sessions aim to build on self-confidence and team work, whilst providing a means of physical well-being and a sense of belonging. We encourage respect and fair play between one another, as well as allowing individuals to express themselves confidently. The sessions we run include football, cricket, basketball and much more! We also look to invite special guests in the sporting world, to share their experiences and to inspire participants.

Chill Out Days & Community Projects

Our Youth Hubs are an opportunity to socialise and unwind, whilst enjoying amazing activities. We organise a range of fun trips, creative sessions as well as outdoor excursions. From paintballing and ice-skating, to jewellery designing and candle making – there really is something for everyone! We also run a number of community projects throughout the year including charity walks, homeless feeds and more. All of this gives you a chance to relax, chill out and have some fun, together with other like-minded young people.

Summer Retreats '18

The “Coming of Age” retreat was jam packed with amazing special guests, workshops and outdoor activities.  An all-inclusive residential in the valleys of South Yorkshire with 74 young Muslims.